Christine McKee

Christine McKee has had a lifelong interest in art. She has studied art for many years taking classes and workshops at various universities while attaining a BS in Biology and an MS in Fisheries Science. Her commitment as an artist intensified as she took a series of art classes at Bakersfield College where she concentrated on studying the human form, working mostly in charcoal. She then began to explore other subjects and media, including the use of acrylic and watercolor, and various forms of printmaking.  Her medium of choice in recent years has been acrylic, often times applied in a textural fashion.

Christine derives a joy from using the figure as a subject, imparting a feeling of movement and energy to her work.  Elements of design, shape and contrast are employed to facilitate achieving this goal.  She often uses an abstract style, allowing colors and shapes to flow rhythmically throughout the canvas, encouraging the viewer's own interpretations.

 She has been exhibiting her work for over ten years in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and Oregon. In addition, she recently had the privilege of  mentoring mentally disabled artists in the Arts Council of Kern’s Outside In Workshop.

Participating in the Arts Council of Kern's Creating Community artist in residence program from 2010-2011 brought about a change in her focus  as she was involved in creating  exhibits that revolved around social issues.  The topics included water issues facing California,  problems of the community concerning literacy, and lastly substance abuse. She gained immense personal satisfaction from creating pieces that inform the viewer on a specific topic, and the positive feedback she received  made all the work worthwhile. 

She continued in the same vein for her latest solo show entitled "On the Homefront-Military Families".   This exhibit focuses on some of the many difficulties those in the military and their families face on a regular basis.  Unless you have ties to the military, you are most likely not aware of the hardships that these families endure.